Savour the Mediterranean

Discover the connection between food and fulfilment. Exceptional ingredients prepared to perfection, showcase the magnificence of Mediterranean cuisine.

Start your mornings with a certified Greek breakfast. Taste the treats of the Mediterranean and more at our Thalassa Restaurant. Indulge in any flavours your heart’s desire at Elia, our a la carte dining venue. Make evenings more meaningful as you engage in interesting conversations at one of our bars. Explore the link between history and spirituality through the Monastic products of our exhibition shop. Here we seek to offer you flavour satiation through showcasing the best of Greek gastronomy, coupled with wonderful views that result in fulfilment of the senses.

Furthermore, Alexandros Palace is in Co-operation with the following restaurants

Certified Greek Breakfast

Bringing you authentic specialities of our regional culinary heritage, our certified Greek Breakfast is the best introduction to the unique flavours of the Greek cuisine. The array of highly nutritional, delicious local treats that are served as part of our certified Greek breakfast are made from the freshest ingredients, sourced from local producers.

Thalassa Restaurant

Explore the multifaceted Mediterranean cuisine through a plethora of sensational dishes at our main Thalassa Restaurant. A buffet style dining venue, here you have free choice from many flavoursome options, at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Elia Restaurant

For those who want the option of a more refined kind of dining experience within our hotel that combines creative dishes with spectacular views and a calming ambiance, our a la carte Elia Restaurant has it all.


Throughout the day, our four bars tend to your refreshment and snacking needs. They all serve a plethora of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, freshly made juices, freshly ground coffees, teas, beers and alcopops, soft drinks and smoothies.

Monastic Products

Unique to our part of Halkidiki is the spiritual and monastic element of the mystical Mount Athos. Attracting pilgrims from all over Greece and abroad, the monastery of Mount Athos is also known as the Holy Mountain while it will only accept male visitors who are seeking to rekindle their faith.