Pets Heaven

Here, you can be sure to have chosen the best pet-friendly hotel in Halkidiki, Greece has to offer. It is the ideal place for those who will not consider a holiday without their loving pets. Those who have tried being separated from the family pets while on holiday, they will say that there is nothing more disconcerting than deciding to take a holiday yet having to leave your pets behind due to non-suitable pet-friendly facilities at the chosen hotel. Leaving your pet behind means your mind will always wonder about their well-being, in addition to missing them immensely.

Well, here, we believe your beloved pets deserve a holiday close to you too, and our pet-friendly hotel in Halkidiki, Greece invites your entire family, including your furry little friends, to enjoy a one-of-a-kind stay experience. Your darling pets are warmly welcomed in a specially designed area within our grounds that is sheltered and fit for purpose. Choose our pet-friendly hotel in Halkidiki, Greece and treat your pets to a fantastic vacation too, with the added advantage of them staying ever so close to you.