Immerse into the fascination of a blessed place

Halkidiki has often been compared to the Greek islands in terms of its natural beauty. Essentially, it is a three-legged peninsula which creates a massive coastline waiting to be discovered. Each ‘leg’ is more beautiful than the one before; the third ‘leg’, where Alexandros Palace Hotel & Suites is primely located, is the most sublime, being the homeland of Ouranoupoli, literally meaning ‘sky city’ and Mount Athos, known as the ‘holy mountain’, a religious location which is off bounds for non-males and those who are not on a pilgrimage.

Our sought-after location allows for a plethora of exciting excursions that will reveal the magnificence of the blessed place we are proud to call our home. The astonishing Halkidiki can be explored in a few ways: by sea, cove to cove or by land, uncovering the wondrous landscape and all its thrilling attractions. Those more inclined to explore the spiritual and religious aspect that Halkidiki generously offers, can venture out on mindful excursions for the soul that will inundate your being with a divine connection.

Excursions for the soul

Our location provides you with ample ‘food’ for the soul. Being so close to the most sacred part of Greece, your inner peace comes almost naturally here.

Excursions by land

The land that surrounds our hotel is blessed in a way that cannot easily be described with words. Rich in ancient heritage and steeped in spiritual energy, let us introduce you to the various Halkidiki points of interest which you can discover through your excursions by land.

Excursions by sea

The sea that surrounds our hotel is your marine playground for endless Halkidiki water activities that will reveal the magnitude of our homeland’s natural beauty.