Yoga-Pilates sessions

Feel invigorated by taking Yoga or Pilates sessions amidst the stunning nature of Halkidiki. We organise group sessions upon request and at a surcharge if done indoors, either in the morning or at sunset, either indoors or at our wonderful outdoors, under the guidance of experienced instructors. Contact us for booking your spot!

Yoga – is about aligning the body and mind. Perhaps the most calmative kind of exercise you can do, it is all about listening to your breath and letting your body follow. It is a gentle kind of exercise, non-strenuous for the joints and muscles. It works on your flexibility but demands synchronising your inhalations and exhalations for maximizing your flow of movement, although it is not easy to master either. Αt more advanced levels, the deep ujjayi breath can help you meditate as well.

Pilates – is an increasingly popular exercise system favoured by women mostly due to its swift toning effects on the body, even after a short period of systematic training. The key in Pilates is control. It greatly focuses on the core, abdomen, hips and lower back which acts as the foundation from which all Pilates exercises stem. It helps build strength as well as balance through dynamic, controlled repetitive movements and it is known for aiding muscle conditioning as well as alleviating lower back pain due to core building.